Unity 3D Asset Store Pack 2013 x86 [2013, ENG]

Описание торрента

Unity 3D Asset Store Pack[ENG][18.08.2013]
Год/Дата Выпуска: 2013
Версия: 2013
Разработчик: Unity 3D Asset Store
Разрядность: 32bit
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Системные требования: Unity3D
Описание: Подборка ассетов для Unity 3D из Asset Store (.unitypackage) Кол-во: 310 штук Список всех ассетов 3D Models Characters Forest & Farm Animal Pack
Monster BaseTeam
Skeleton Pack Environments Arteria3d Arteria3d - Abbey in Ruins For Unity
Arteria3d - Amphitheatre
Arteria3d - Cave Construction Kit
Arteria3d - Elven City Pack
Arteria3d - Fortified English Castle
Arteria3d - Fortress Construction Pack
Arteria3d - Industrial Pack
Arteria3d - Lost Monastery
Arteria3d - Mayan City Pack
Arteria3d - Medieval Church & Graveyard Pack
Arteria3d - Medieval Village
Arteria3d - Medieval World Builder
Arteria3d - Middle East Pack
Arteria3d - Modern Sewer Construction Kit
Arteria3d - Roman Amphiteatre
Arteria3d - Shanty Town 2
Arteria3d - Skull Rock
Arteria3d - Tropical Island Foliage Pack
Arteria3d - Urban Decay City Pack
Arteria3d - Viking Pack for Unity
Dungeon Construction Kit Cementery Starter Pack
MusicToons Complete Projects Templates 3D Tower Defense Kit
Space Game Starter Kit 2D Jump n Run Framework v1.5
Character System 3
Edy's Vehicle Physics Editor Extensions 2D & Sprite Management 2dtoolkit 1.9beta3
SpriteManager2 v1.92
UniTile1.3 Animation Flow Machine
Smooth Moves V2.1
Thinkscroller_1.5.1 Audio Audio Toolkit v5.1 Design Magical Box 1.21
SPACE for Unity
SuperSplines Effects FXMaker 1.2
Xffect Editor
xffect GUI EZ_Gui_v10795
Igui v1.4.0
NGUI v2.2.6 C Modelling Amplify v1.4.2
Edit Pivot
ProBuilder_for_v3.6.5 System UniSave Utilities PlayEditor
SceneMate - 1.0.2 Visual Scripting Playmaker 1.5.4 Particle Systems Cartoon FX Pack
Dynamic Elements FX Pack 1.2
Particle System Collection Scripting [spoiler=Ai]A Pathfinding Project Pro 3.2.5
AI 4 Enemies
AI Behavior
AI Driver Toolkit Effects 2D Volumetric Lights
Dynamic Fire System
Fast Shadows
Vectrosity2_2 GUI KGFMapSystem v1.8
NDataForNGUI V1.0.7
PoolManager Input-Output Easy Touch 25 Solution for Touchscreen mouse and joystick
FingerGestures 3.0
Virtual Controls Suite v1.5 Intergration GameCenter
StoreKit Network SocialNetworking
TNet- Tasharen Networking Framework 1.01
TNet Tasharen Networking Physics ConcaveColider
Ultimate Rope Editor Textures & Materials Shaders Hard Shaders Pro
Tasharen Water Skies Cartoon_Clouds Water Easy Water 3D ATTACK Unity Creative 01 Adam Mechtley Maya Extensions A-Lab Software Limited RapidUnity Graphical TB TRIAL AlmostLogical Software Rigidbody Sleep Toggle AngryAnt Behave
Path Anomalous Underdog Unity Lua Interface Library Arges Systems UnitySteer ArtzkillZ Free ArtskillZ Texture Pack 01 David Koontz iTween Visual Editor Different Methods BundleLoader
Game Inspector Equilibre Games Align Editor Exit Games Photon Bootcamp Demo Fluffy Underware Measure It Ironbound Studios Necromancer GUI M2H C game examples
M2H Culling Masashi Wada Selected U3D Japanese Font Mister Necturus Dragon Warlord Bruce Mixamo Female Character Pack
Male Character Pack
Soldier Character Pack
Zombie Character Pack
Mixamo Animation Store
Root Motion Controller Nikkoid Free City 01 Orange Lee Mirror Effect
Texture Mixer Pixelplacement iTween Prime31 Studios NativeToolkit - Unity to iOS Bridge Qualcomm Inc Qualcomm AR Rezzable MetaMorph Animation Kit Six Times Nothing River Tool
Road and Path Tool Steve Wigley Ball Pack Strumpy Games Strumpy Shader Editor Tiger Shark Studios Rebel Probe Unity Technologies Cartoon Starcraft
Extra GUI Skins
Gem Shader
Lens Flares
Shanty Town Barbed Wire
Shanty Town Brick Set
Shanty Town Brick Wall Exposed
Shanty Town Brick Wall Wet
Shanty Town Concrete Pipe
Shanty Town Metal Table
Shanty Town Power Lines
Shanty Town Rock Formations
Shanty Town Table Wood
Shanty Town Wall Concrete Rough
Terrain Assets
3rd Person Shooter
Car Tutorial
Character Customization
Penelope Complete Project
Penelope Tutorial Files
Detonator Explosion Framework
Head Look Controller VIS Games Damaged old car
Sculptures Wes McDermott Distance Tool WyrmTale Games Dice Pack Light YoungWook Yang Lets Tweet In Unity zonozone zz Ruler
zz Signal Slot Tutorials 3D.Buzz.Unity.3rd.Person.Char.System
Lynda.com - Unity 3D 3.5 Essential Training (2012)
Walker Boys - Introduction to Unity 3D


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